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THE TEACHER APPRECIATION BANQUET in Brenham, Texas has been postponed.

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Teachers Appreciation Banquet

Our Teachers Deserve More Support

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Teachers Teach!

It seems simple enough, but teachers face so many challenges in simply trying to do their jobs. Across our nation, we are facing severe teacher shortages. In a Charles Butt Foundation poll of 919 Texas teachers, 68% said they seriously considered leaving the profession in 2021, and increase of 10 percentage points over the previous year. In the same poll, teachers said they felt undervalued and underpaid.

Teachers often get caught in the crossfire as political interests do battle over school funding, school curriculum, polices, and conservative vs. liberal politics.

Let’s get back to the basics! Let Our Teachers Teach (LOTT) supports our teachers who just want to teach kids the right way and prepare them for colleges and jobs. Math teachers want to focus on teaching Math, Science teachers want to teach Science, English teachers want to teach English, etc. Let’s work together to find ways to simplify their workday, to allow them to do what they studied to teach, and show them the love and respect they deserve.

Helping Teachers Help Our Kids Is What This Is All About
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Our Goal is to Support Teachers and Kids

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Our mission is simple: